dj BC Presents Fluent In Moe represents the seamless mash of ska, stroll, soul and underground hip-hop into a rollicking full-length summer album right off the streets of Boston. Mixing the skanking grooves of ska-punkers Big D and The Kids Table with the infectiously intelligent rhymes of rapper Moe Pope, dj BC brings the mashup full circle by creating a believable, upbeat, live-sounding combination of genres. Organic, soulful,hip, edgy, funky music, this is a True Talent Revue with a stellar line-up of guest stars. Rock it on the beach, in the car, in the sunshine with a drink in hand. You'll be strollin' in no time. Ain't that the truth!
Latest tracks by Fluent In Moe

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Big D and The Kids Table
Moe Pope
dj BC

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