Following on the heels of 2006's Santastic II: Clausome and 2005's Santastic: Holiday Boots For Your Stockings, here we have Santastic III in 3-D! It's a fresh-baked new collection of Holiday mash-ups, alternate treatments and bootleg remixes that is sure to stuff your stockings, deck your halls and make your December nights a little less silent.

In 2007, we're bringing the Christmas tunes from three dimensions: past, present, and future, and pumping 'em up with the juicy breaks and sugarplum samples to make your spirits bright. We're also amped to present an hilarious, semi-unreleased, tongue-in-cheek Christmas anthem from Big D and The Kids Table. Red Sox-themed drinking/Christmas music! Does it get any better than that? So kick back with a nog and prepare to be dazzled by tunes from some incredibly talented mashup artists and remixers from The US, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

And I am heartily honored to raise a virtual glass of cheer alongside every one of them. With the official soundtrack in the player, this holiday party is officially started. We toast you and yours, wishing you a Happy Hannukah, a Cool Yule and/or a Kickin' Kwanzaa, whichever your prefer. And may 2008 totally rule, for all of us!

-dj BC

These are not official remixes, and they are not for sale. They are created only for our seasonal enjoyment and to showcase the skills of the mixers. The copyrights for all source recordings remains with the original copyright holders. If you object to this material being online, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click the appropriate glasses guy to send an email.


"Velvet Santa"
Divide & Kreate
Stockholm, Sweden
You're about to experience two and a half minutes of a mainstreamish general disaster. And no, there are no jingle bells included. You may find yourself nodding along, or then again you may not. Anyhoo... within these two and a half minutes you'll hear Michael Jackson sing something about a certain someone while Lou Reed plays a few riffs on his guitar.

-Divide & Kreate

"You Shook Me All Noel"
dj BC
Boston, MA
Sarah McLachlan sings her Christmas single “Noel” with AC/DC’s “You Shook Me” and tiny bits of “Baby, Where Did Our Love Go” by The Supremes, to imagine the newborn king rocking the manger righteously with Angus Young and a little help from Diana Ross et al. Round out the picture with one description of the manger scene from the classic Linus reading, and another from an inner city school in Dublin, 1963, by way of “Give Up Yer Aul Sins.”

-dj BC

“Elvis Christmas Turkey”
Go Home Productions
Watford, UK
So, it's Christmas Day. You've been up since 6am because the kids can't sleep and have told you countless times that 'Santa has been, Santa has been!!!', until even you are convinced that the bearded bloater has somehow found a way into your house via the chimney...
The wife is panicking over the turkey. Has it really defrosted? Have I got enough bread sauce? Where the hell is my husband!
The doorbell goes.
The mother-in-law has not been hindered by the blizzard, temperature, or fact she can never live far away enough and is already consuming the last vestiges of port, before you can say Happy Christm...
Dinner goes well, you are full to the seat of your pants with sprouts and are suitably 'stuffinged'.
The christmas booze has really kicked in.
You slide into your favourite armchair.
You reach over and turn on the radio.
Something that sounds like Elvis duetting with John Holt on 'White Christmas' sometime in 1977 with a couple of droids makes it's way from a galaxy far, far away into the darkest depths of your brain matter, finally beating you into submission. You don't know whether to laugh, cry or turn the thing off…

Well, that's what "Elvis Christmas Turkey" is all about."

"A Wicked Hardcore Christmas"
Big D and The Kids Table
Boston, MA

'A Wicked Hardcore Christmas' was written and recorded in 2005 in the middle of a BIG D tour. The track was actually recorded by Sean (guitar) also, in the van, with shoddy equipment we all contributed. Sean also shot all the holiday video footage whenever we bumped into something festive on the road. The sleigh bells heard from the the track were from a Christmas wreath we bought from Target that had a few small bells attached. We recorded it and then brought the wreath back. All the lyrics were a team effort. We spat out silly home town inside jokes as we drove to and from shows. Micheal J our good friend and merchandise master came up with a lot of the jems. We all get laugh from this track and hope you do to.

'Let's watch Nanna get drunk' - David McWane

"4 Seasons Change (Winter Part 1, 2 and 3)"
dj BC
Boston, MA
Last year I did a classical christmas remix project called RE:Composition for WBKK in New York, and by way of revisting that I recently began the series of “The Four Seasons” remixes by tackling the season Winter first. The original recordings of "L'Inverno" (Parts 1, 2 and 3) are performed by the Raglan Baroque Players, and are here combined with additional drums, plus some various samples from other songs and also some complimentary sound effects ('Elf' quotes, a cash register). The Four Seasons and Jay Z's mom each give a shout to the month, Lauryn Hill advises us on the cyclical nature of climate change, and Wyclef runs through Crown Heights during Chanukah with a mighty “Mazeltov!”

Seasons change, indeed!
-dj BC

"Jungle Bells (Bumba Clause Mix ft. Murderbot)"
Chicago, IL and Boston, MA
"Jungle Bells" is a tune I've been meaning to make for years. I always have the best intentions of doing it before the holiday season hits but I'm always too late and say to myself; "Next year". Finally! Here it is: the biggest holiday tune ever — "Jingle Bells" — together with the biggest break-beat ever — the "Amen."
I've been known to chop up an Amen break in true junglistical style, but in this case I chose to use Murderbot's tune "Rain". I couldn't have constructed a more brilliant and perfectly suited beat. It's got the improvisational craziness of mashup-jungle combined with the fun bounce of happy-hardcore; exactly the elements that "Jungle Bells" was calling for.
The addition of sleigh bells to the beat, plus hoover synths and sub bass playing the "Jingle Bells" melody, made "Jungle Bells" complete. At one point in the track you can even hear the time-stretched voice of my Macintosh computer invoking the Jamaican father of coal-in-the- stocking; Bumba Clause. The tune falls more soundly into the "clown- step" category of drum&bass than classic jungle, but "Jungle Bells" is more catchy name than "Jingle-Step."


"Santa's Pre-Boarding Announcement"
Elvis & ATOM
Memphis, TN and Stamford, CT
The following contents may be stored in the overhead compartment:
- (2) cans RedBull
- Nag Champa incense
- Ableton Live, AKG K-271 headphones, and a MacBook Pro
- proprietary percussion, bass, melodic programming & composition
- Elvis' "Here Comes Santa Claus"
- dream analysis tape recording via WFMU archive
- Cheech & Chong's "Santa & His Old Lady"
- unknown hawaiian/hula steel guitar
- misc. claves, shakers, tambourines, and bells
- misc toy recordings via foundsounds
- Jean Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert's "Ye Olde Beatbox"
- Justin Harris' "Defbrows" (Jacob London Mix)
- Cyanoacrylate (C5H5NO2)

If you are unable or unwilling to listen to the track in this row, please notify the stewardess that you need more Egg Nog.


“Brave Bells Of Scotland”
Sas van Gent, The Netherlands
The search of a usable Christmas carol made me dive into a few dusty old Christmas albums as I think the sound of vintage always brings up the best wintery Christmas mood. While I was checking out a few Frank Sinatra tunes, playing the bassline along on a keyboard, I found out I could play "Scotland the Brave" on top of it. (For those who don't know: seeing bagpipes is hearing that tune). Well, that was all nice, but I wanted it to be a catchy uptempo tune. Most bagpipe tunes I found were in a traditional style of showband, but then I stumbled upon the celtic rockband "Off Kilter". They combine rock and celtic folk with complete with bagpipes, guitar, piano, the whole set. (You should check out their music, it is very good). Their version, "Nova Scotia/Scotland The Brave", was just spot on. In order to make it all fit, Frank Sinatra had to dress up as Santa Claus and I thought it would be nice to let him sing a duet with his little grandson. After sleeping a night over, all of a sudden Janis Joplin stood next to my bed, begging me to sing a phrase or two. Her voice was old, like dry crumbled sand paper, but I agreed if she'd take Doop and Bing Crosby with her.... So she did and they were all happy ever after.


"Do You Hear Rainbows I Hear?"
Apollo Zero
New Orleans, LA
Keeping a bit of tradition for me, I went again with the king of croon, Andy Williams and put him in a nice electronic/ambient setting with Yellow Magic Orchestra's reunion track "Pocketful of Rainbows." I recruited beats and samples from Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" and Dream Academy's "Love" and changed the vibe a bit here and made Andy dance and dub out. Together, it asks the musical question: "Do You Hear Rainbows I Hear?"

-Apollo Zero

"Dreidel All The Way"
Anaheim, CA

When working for a national children's radio station, I worked with Disney Records' children's recording artist Craig & Co. quite often at Disneyland and at the station in So Cal. For the December issue of our Radio AAHS Magazine CD, Craig Taubman included an exclusive: "Channukah Rap". I used it as the base jam, and then added "Jingle Bells" by the Three Weissmen along with cuts from "Get Your Dreidel On" by Pudie Tadow, "Hannukah Song" by Adam Sandler, a children's version of "O, Channukah", and the classic "Harvey And Sheila" by Allan Sherman. The resulting combination could make you plotz! Oy! I should lay off the Manischewitz!


DJ Flack
Boston, MA
Even though I am agnostic, I wanted to represent the Jews this year. When I was a kid I always loved the melody that we would sing when we lit the Menorah on Hanukkah (the one observant activity we did.) My goal was to make a danceable dub track as backing music for that song/prayer. On YouTube I found examples of people singing it and talking about the holiday, and that’s what I used for the vocal samples. For the music loops I sampled a live videotaped bootleg from a Matisyahu concert (also pilfered from YouTube.) As the only Chassidic reggae artists I figured that would be appropriate. His band is jamming in a minor key melody that reminded me of traditional Jewish/Klezmer music and the echoey concert sound gave it that extra surreal dubby vibe that I wanted. I added the drums and bass line using the program Reason. For the bass I pitched down a clarinet (a traditional Klezmer instrument) leaving a higher pitched one on top so you could still tell what it was. I used Ableton Live to chop and sequence all the parts together which also gave me a chance to mess with the EQ and add dub effects to the vocals.

Thanks for listening,
Peace to all!

"Santa's Silent Bum"
Secret Santa
The North Pole via Scotland
Ho, ho ho!


"Alala Falala Hasslehoff"
DJ Freddy King Of Pants
Seattle, WA

Last year I had the idea for mixing up CSS's "alala" chant with the famous "fa la la"s of xmas past, and I'd been thinking about it for all of 2007. But it wasn't until I heard the angelic tones of David Hasslehoff's version of "Deck The Halls" that I was moved to act on the idea. I like to think of Mr Hasslehoff's voice as a warm blanket to snuggle in and CSS as the hot chocolate to sip on a cold winter's day. And the backing beats of Digitalism's remix of Tiga's "Far From Home" is maybe the sofa to sit on? And the Speed All Star's take on "Deck The Halls" is, um... the warm fire in the hearth. And the clips from "The Year That Christmas Almost Wasn't" is... oh,I don't know, some candy cane or something. Happy Holidays.

-DJ King Of Pants

"Safety Bells"
DJ Earlybird aka Uganda
Berlin, Germany
Smokey Robinson- "Jingle Bells"
Men Without Hats- "Safety Dance"

“I Saw Mommy Kissing The Bassbin Twins”
Washington, D.C.
I wasn't sure what I was going to do for my track this year, but I was happily surprised when my track seemed to just fall into place. I have always wanted to use The Bassbin Twins' track 'Out of Hand' (Fatboy Slim Remix) and so I started playing around, seeing what worked with it. The first acapella I tried was the Michael Jackson 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' and it worked! I quickly realized that I couldn't just slap the pella over the instrumental without it sounding too empty. I brought back the instrumental to the Jackson song and it sounded just right. Once I got the little stuff worked out, I thought that it added some needed oomph to the original track.

Happy Holidays!

“Last Christmas Twist”
London, England
Last Christmas, you gave me your nSync pella and the very next day I put it in a blender with some vocals from those lovely nSync boys, adding a liberal sprinkling of soaring guitar solos, and came up with Last Christmas Twist. But seriously, I decided to do something that wasn't going to be the usual Christmas Cheese and instead have produced, I hope, a hard rocking tune that will deck your halls and rock your balls. So here it is, Merry Christmas to you. Ho, ho and thrice ho.


“Yuletide Zeppelin”
Berkeley, CA
Yuletide Zeppelin was hatched from modest origins. I happened to be playing a family heirloom glockenspiel when Zep's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" came on the TV. (News about a reunion concert or something.) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen was a something I had learned as a boy. It fit like hand in glove with Jimmy Page's guitar playing. That got the ball rolling. The medley started to emerge when I tried the glockenspiel again on Dazed and Confused. Thereafter I'd get a new song combination idea every few days. All told, the medley was formed over a couple weeks. At some point, I needed to say "Enough!" and start mixing. Sadly, ideas such as "Over the Hills and Far Away In The Manger" and "Nutbreaker" (i.e. Nutcracker melody on top of Heartbreaker) will have to wait for another day.


"Imagine Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
Anaheim, CA

I've had a very cool track of the holiday favorite "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" for years. It's a jazzy little arrangement that sounds too good to be a karaoke, and 'In The Style Of' whom, I don't know. This year, I went to see what might fit with it and John Lennon's Imagine" popped into my head and seemed to work throughout. I did the best I could with a DIY 'pella (thanks to Jimmy L. aka DJ Shift1) and added my own vocal to sections just to remind what track is being used. Later, I found a Rockapella track in a similar key that worked just fine. The wind effects hide the glitches in the 'pella, but also create an atmosphere of winter and a possible December reunion with departed 'friends who are dear to us' from the past...


"Xmas Dick In A Box (Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg vs. Eazy-E)"
A plus D
San Francisco, CA
Why is it we always seem to pick kind of a raunchy Christmas song to mash up for the holidays? Do we just have dirty minds? Whatever the reason, we've been recently obsessed with the viral video for "Dick In A Box," which Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg performed on last year's Saturday Night Live Christmas episode. We pumped up the retro R&B early-90s "new jack swing" sound with some thicker beats and some MUCH-NEEDED jingle bells from Eazy-E's "Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas," and then kept him around to shout out his unique brand of, um, Christmas carolling.

-A Plus D

Santastic (2005) in The Boston Phoenix