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1. Jingle Bells Pon De Floor (Major Lazer vs Soma vs Jars of Clay)
DJ Schmolli (Vienna, Austria)
2. What Child Too Close? (The Judds vs Alex Clare)
mojochronic (Berkeley, CA)
3. Jingle Pressure (Queen and David Bowie vs Smokey Robinson and special guests)
dj BC (Atlanta, GA)
4. Rock The Jingle Bells (LL Cool J vs Tuborg Julebryg Jingle)
ThriftshopXL (London, England)and dj BC (Atlanta, GA)
5. Santa Brought My Baby Around The World (The Moonglows vs Elvis vs Daft Punk vs Eddie Dunstedter vs ATOM)
ATOM (Stamford, CT)
6. Riders On The Sugar Plum (Sugar Plum Fairy vs The Doors vs Maroon 5)
DJ McFly (Manchester, NH)
7. Sleigh Ride 2 Hell(Johnny Mathis vs AC/DC vs Ciara)
DJ Flack (Boston, MA)
8. Jingle Bells Are What I Got (Sublime vs Smokey Robinson)
Voicedude (Sunny OC, CA)
9. White Christmadness (Diana Ross vs Muse)
mojochronic (Berkeley, CA)
10. Christmaus (Bruce Haack vs Deadmau5)
Instamatic (London, UK)
11. Jingle Girl (Brian Setzer Orchestra vs Sean Kingston)
G3RSt (The Netherlands)
12. Express The Halls With Bounce And Mojo (XXXmas Clean Moombah Edit) (Diplo & Nicky Da B x PDS MIX x Mojo Nixon x The Showboys) (Squeakishly Clean Version)
Pimpdaddysupreme (Nashville, TN)
13. Toxic Xmas (Morsy's Mash-Up Gift) (Britney vs Jose Feliciano)
DJ Morsy (New York)
14. I Wanna Be Dentated - Blitzen's Bop (The Ramones vs The Three Stooges vs The Ray Conniff Singers)
mojochronic (Berkeley, CA)
15. Smells Like Ray Conniff (Nirvana vs Ray Conniff vs Pancadão)
Brutal Redneck (Londrina, Brasil)
16. Sister Christmas (Silent Night Ranger vs. The Temptations)
Lobsterdust (New York, USA)
17. Jingle Bells Pon De Floor (Extended Version) (Major Lazer vs Soma vs Jars of Clay)
DJ Schmolli (Vienna, Austria)

Conceived and Compiled by dj BC | Hosted by VJ Brewski

Big thanks to the DJs. Sincere apologies to the original artists.

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Santastic Four (2008)/ Menorah Mashups (2009)
Santastic 5 (2010)/ dj BC's Re:Composition Christmas (2006)
Santastic 6 (2011)

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