WU ORLEANS (DELUXE DOUBLE VINYL: 2006-2017):Record Store Day 2017 (OUT OF PRINT)
Wu Tang Clan vs The Music of New Orleans
DOUBLE VINYL pressing of the original 2006 album, PLUS THE 2017 ALBUM!
With new cover art by Joe Ricciardelli.
Black vinyl. Contains both Wu Orleans albums in one 2-record, 20 song vinyl set.

DJ BC PRESENTS FLUENT IN MOE: with Moe Pope and Big D & The Kids Table
A seamless mash of ska, stroll, soul and underground hip-hop into a rollicking full-length summer album right off the streets of Boston.
Mixing the skanking grooves of ska-punkers Big D with the infectiously intelligent rhymes of rapper Moe Pope,
dj BC brings the mashup full circle by creating a believable, upbeat, live-sounding combination of genres.
Organic, soulful,hip, edgy, funky music, this is a True Talent Revue with a stellar line-up of guest stars.
OR CLICK THE COVER FOR FRESH VINYL! Available in black/clear and blue/clear.

THE BEASTLES: Ill Submarine

DAVID BOWIE:Ziggy Stardust Remixed (OUT OF PRINT)

WICKED HARDCORE CHRISTMAS: with Big D and The Kids Table
Big D's classic Christmas parody about a drunken Boston Christmas party.
This 5 song Christmas Maxi-CD includes the original classic tune remastered, plus 4 trippy house
and hip-hop remixes featuring dj BC, ATOM and rapper Black ELement.
A must have for your holiday celebration or mixtape. (OUT OF PRINT)
Get it on CD or DOWNLOAD from

RUDE REMIX REVOLUTION: with Big D and The Kids Table
Features Ben C of Sonic Boom Six, Blue Banshee, Paul Kolderie's The Babysitters, dj BC, ATOM,
Aber N. Stein, Babylon Party Machine, Scott Grella, Big D's own Stovetop, and Bi Anal Ham Sandwich.
Get the CD or DOWNLOAD from

STRICTLY MIXED AND MASHED: with Big D and The Kids Table
dj BC takes the catalog of Big D and The Kids Table
and forges a new album dripping with electro-reggae funk.
Features guest vocals from Wayne and Wax, Raw Raw and Rashorne Foster.
Get it at Interpunk or
Also available at iTunes, Newbury Comics and Hot Topic.

WU ORLEANS:One-disc 2006 UK release. Pink, black and clear vinyl.

This eclectic 2 CD set was compiled and produced by Alan Dunn, as a limited edition (1,000)
to be given away free of charge as part of the exhibition 'Recent Appointments' at Leeds Met Gallery.
Produced with support from the Arts Council of England.
Project developed and produced by 67projects, Wirral/Liverpool/Leeds.
Contains the track "Raw Reggae Revolution" by dj BC vs Big D and The Kids Table

TELL ME SOMETHING I DUB KNOW: remixed for Sonic Boom Six
A remix from "PLAY ON: Rare, Rejected and Arcade Perfected"
Two discs of remixes and outtakes from Manchester England's slammin' Raggacore outfit.
Get it direct from the band.

UNDEAD FLOWERS 1968: remixed for The A.K.A.'s (Are Everywhere)
The B-Side remix from the "Dead Flowers" single by Philly's favorite punk band.
Featuring guest vocals from Travis (Gym Class Heroes), ComaR, and Grandpamini.
Get it at or

HANDS UP TO HEAVEN: remixed for Heaven 17
The 2005 Remix EP of the dance anthem from H17
Featuring the dj BC South End Remix
and 6 other mixes by Spray, Canal Pop, Futuro, Quibiq, and Astromill
Get it at CD Baby or buy the CD.

SWEET THINGS: remixed for Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple
Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple's CD META contains dj BC's remix of "Sweet Things"
as well as mixes from Freezepop, Lifestyle, Peter Moore (Count Zero/Blue Man Group),
Chevy Heston, iNTELLEVISON & Barbarian Menace.
Old school. Available on CD Baby and

Beastie Boys: "Triple Trouble" Remixes
Rare edition of 100 on Japan's Hotshot Records.
With several "Beastles" songs.


Beastie Boys "Ch-Ch-Check It Out" Remixes
Rare edition of 100 on Japan's Hotshot Records.
With several dj BC Beastie Boys bootlegs.


TOTAL BASTARD 2: a Vinyl Force mash-up collection.
With the Beastles song "Whatcha Want, Lady?"


THE LOUIS SCOTT EP with Moe Pope, ATOM and Louis Scott
Emotive UK singer Louis Scott's "Better Days" gets the full remix treatment on this EP,
from the original acoustic cut, to deep and funky house,
to dj BC's contribution: two trip-hop takes on the track, one instrumental and one featuring rhymes from the legendary MC Moe Pope.